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HISTORY    74 lines (54 with data), 2.2 kB


- New Maintainer Federico Lucifredi (flucifredi@acm.org).
- Ability to hand HTML man pages off to a browser added (Eric S. Raymond).


- Chinese messages (CHAO, Wei-Lun) - unused
- Russian messages
- Set DEFAULT_NLSPATH to "/usr/share/locale/%L/%N"
- Prefer LC_MESSAGES over LANG
- Don't (potentially) use a pager with apropos and whatis
- Superfluous security fix
- Filter .iX macros out when constructing whatis database
- Allow globbed MANPATH items like /opt/*/man
- Return a correct status
- Continue search when an appropriate page was found to be inaccessible


- Fixed man -k segfault
- Allow man -k "text with spaces"


- Fixed man2html array overflow


- Polish messages, non-dummy codesets (Jakub Bogusz <qboosh@pld-linux.org>)
- CYGWIN fix for perl manpages (with :: in filename)
- Fix for certain awk versions in mansec (NISHIMURA Daisuke)
- When asked for a nonexisting page in section 1p, do not also try section 1


- Added "0p 1p 3p" in sections string
- Added mess.??.codeset (with dummy content)
- No funny Russian messages
- man2html: handle .so with trailing whitespace
- replace -grepsilent by >/dev/null 2>/dev/null


- Greek man pages and messages
- makewhatis fix


- Korean and Romanian man pages and messages
- makewhatis fixes
- apropos fix
- security fix


- a few security fixes
- adapted configure to try awk/gawk/mawk
- Japanese support, man pages and messages, Russian messages
- polished makewhatis so that it handles more strange man pages
- implemented MANDEFOPTIONS for people who always want -a


- added man2dvi (Tobias Begalke <tb@lst.de>)
- polished makewhatis so that it handles more strange man pages
- improve handling of filenames with embedded spaces
- man -W gives same output to tty and pipe
- man2html/scripts/cgi-bin/man/mansearch: change separator so that
  perl function names like ExtUtils::MakeMaker(3) are handled correctly
  (Carlos A M dos Santos <casantos@inf.ufrgs.br>)
- make "man ./foo.3" work, when foo.3 contains ".so man2/bar.2"
- gencat fix for Unix98 conformance (Stanislav Brabec <utx@k332.feld.cvut.cz>)