I am searching an already built mingw environment for x86 and x86_64 compiling. Similar to mingw+msys but for x86 and x86_64 within same environment. Is there any kind of that?

I have downloaded cherokee web server building environment but that one is for x86 only and pretty old. I am upgraded and polished that environment for x86 (TDM binaries, upgrade some packages) and later converted for x86_64 (same base but x86_64 compilers) but I would like to integrate into one environment which default compile to x86 and with some parameters I am able to compile for x86_64 in the same environment. I have no real experience in this field so I am looking for an already done package. Or if there is any nice tutorial on this topic it would be great to know. Thanks!

I have tried compiling gcc myself but I always had errors about gmp even if I use the same parameters for configuration as in the mingw binaries (gcc -v).