Hi !

I think that what you're looking for are POSIX-thread (aka pthreads), allmost every *nix operating system provide an implementation. AFAIK MinGW provides a wrapper for pthreads (win-pthreads if i remember well). However i don't know flags to be passed to linker (probably -pthread or -lpthread).


John Pote <johnhpote@o2.co.uk> wrote:

Have been using Mingw recently to restore my 'C' skills on a PC rather
than the microcontrollers I usually code for. (My PC is XP Professional)

I want to add threads to my application and would appreciate suggestions
as to apprepriate thread library(s) to use. Does one come with the
normal Mingw distro? Is there a library/API that runs with Windows, xNIX
and or Mac OS X? It would be nice to think that the same code could run
on all three major OSs.

Any help appreciated,

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