Ladies and Gentlemen,

I recently (and finally) figured a process that worked for building and installing new versions of autotools in msys, though I can't find answers to these questions either on the web (I know they're out there, somewhere :) or on this mailing list.

When using the --prefix=/mingw tag, the executables show up in /mingw/bin but not in /bin (obviously).  When I run these tools does /mingw/bin get searched before /bin does?  If not can I just create symlinks in /bin?  Can I remove the files created in temporary directories after making and make installing the autotools, since (I'm assuming) the executables located in /mingw/bin are enough to run the autotools and all the other files got placed where they needed to?  For example, I have the source files for autoconf and automake in /home/Mikey, but I built them from the root directory using "/home/Mikey/path/to/configure --prefix=/mingw && make && make install" (not sure if that was the smartest place from which to build...).  This left several other files and folders in /home/Mikey.  Similarly, I had to build libtool from /home/Mikey/tmp/foo/bar (I may have gone a bit overboard :), and consequently there were extra files in ~/tmp/foo/bar.  Can I delete these?

Thanks in advance!  I know I'm very verbose, but I figure the more information I present on first contact, the more birds we can kill with less stones ;)