> I think you misunderstand. MinGW can be used to compile Windows
> applications on Windows or Linux. If the application is not designed to
> compile and run on Windows then MinGW will not help you. I think that you
> are thinking of Cygwin.

Nope, I know that the purpose of MinGW is to build applications for Windows.  I just wondered if it had any 'less-advertised' features for building Linux apps on other operating systems like the Mac OSX or even if it could be installed on Mac OS and do the same thing.  Do you mean that Cygwin can do this?  I avoid Cygwin, as it seems to be the practice to distribute modified versions of the monster which are not compatible with newer versions of Cygwin and also do not allow multiple installations so that a developer can use Cygwin for more than one thing.  I currently have a broken version of Cygwin installed, which is the development environment for some third-party hardware I am working with.  MinGW just feels more 'pure' to me, no offense to Cygwin fans.