The MXE team is pleased to announce the new release 2.23 after a thorough testing phase[1].

MXE is a makefile based cross-compiling environment that provides a sane, repeatable way to build many open source libraries[2]. Designed to run on *nix like systems, it currently targets static libraries for Windows using the and mingw-w64 runtimes.

Highlights of this release:

- over 70 new packages including major releases such as Qt5 and VTK6 (total package count now ~270)
- GCC updated to 4.8.1 and most packages updated to their latest versions
- added support for mingw-w64 based toolchains targeting 32 & 64-bit architectures

See the changelog for further details and update notes for Qt and FreeBSD users:

Download instructions:

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the testing and development[3] of this release.