Hi all;

Maybe I'm stretching my neck out too far in thinking that I'm able to handle MinGW and OpenGl, both as a first time user outside of the usual gui SDK-tools that I've used so far.
The progress is slow, as expected, but it 'is' progressing!
I've done the 'hello win' exe, so MinGW is probably set up ok.

The unofficial OpenGL SDK is a set of libraries downloadable in one go. It takes a preparation-tool (premake4) to prepare (it generates makefiles) the libraries for compilation [in MinGW].

There is a set of examples in the OpenGl SDK. They are to be prepared with premake4 too. But the instruction emphasizes that I should make sure that the [above mentioned] libraries has been compiled.

So, it's this compilation that I don't know how to handle.

It could be as easy as running a particular command in each library. 
I assume that the heart of the process is making 'static libraries' out of something that is not yet ready .. something that I can reference to later. I'll be writing C++ .. and I thought that .h  and .cpp files (which there are a lot of) would suffice. It's probably the static versus dynamic library that eludes me.

If you have an idea of my problem, I would appreciate a link to a good source of information.