Hi. Pidgin build now downloads stuff though HTTPS, thus requiring wget to know where to look for CA certs. However, the wget call in one of their build scripts does not have any additional parameter specifying any paths. This should work fine in Cygwin with the ca-certificates [1] package installed. So I have two options: patch that script to add the --ca-certificate parameter pointing to the CA certs I have downloaded separately, or find a way to make wget work without that, the same way it does in Cygwin.

Since I'm trying to avoid patching the upstream version as much as possible, I ask you how to achieve the latter. I wonder if Cygwin's default wgetrc has some default places to look for those CAs, which are installed by the ca-certificates package, or if it's something else that allows wget to find them without additional arguments. Either way, what are the alternatives in MSYS? For example, is there any package equivalent to ca-certificates (or plans to do so), or would I really need to add custom stuff in /etc/wgetrc? Thanks in advance.

[1] http://cygwin.com/packages/ca-certificates/ca-certificates-1.87-1