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I'm replying your mail inline.

On 19 August 2012 10:57, JonY <jon_y@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

If you have to mess with makefiles in your IDEs, you're doing it wrong.
Since you're already using MinGW with MSYS and messing with makefiles, I
suggest dropping the IDE, it gets in the way, use something sane like vi
or notepad++.

No, I am not at all touching my IDE generated makefiles. Eclipse is quite flexible in allowing to change every component, e.g. assembler, compiler, linker, builder of the selected tool chain. That is what I am playing with.

It has already been explained earlier, you must have missed it, I am
just repeating it.

Another example made it clearer.

Ah, I didn't even know about this netiquette. Useful tip, indeed, thanks. By the way, Gmail web interface does not help me by automatically inserting > character, instead it uses another form of quoting. Please let me know how much comprehensible it is.

Please, you are doing it again.

And corrected this mail onward.

Sorry if I had been hard on you, your
replies give an impression of somebody stubborn and arrogant, I assume
English is not your first language. At least use some proper quoting,
it's hard to tell where your replies begin and end.

I apologize for being harsh in my last mail. I hate flaming as well as being flamed. However, I understood what went wrong. Here, before sending mails, I was formatting the context from the previous mail in the chain with text colored, but mot quoted. There, mostly people are using text enabled, non HTML mail clients, thus producing a lump of text.


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