I was using Bison 1.24 and as my grammar grew, I got the following message:
"med.y", line 4482: maximum table size (32767) exceeded
and no "med.c" program was produced.
So, I installed MinGW Bison 1.875 and now I get the following:
bison: _spawnvp: No such file or directory
and no "med.c" program was produced.
So, there is a file, PORTPATCH, which looks like it operates on the library liby.a using something called RCS and diff...
Anyway, I have not been able to download cygwin yet but shall keep trying.   1.875 certainly seems to be able to handle
my grammar.  I wish I knew how to use the Graph output as it looks like it would be a nice toy to play with.
Thanks for all your help.  I am fighting a dead line and this delay is killing me.

Tom Spurrier
Senior Systems Software Engineer
Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.
(850)664-0999 (fax)