2011/5/7 Keith Marshall <keithmarshall@users.sourceforge.net>
On 07/05/11 12:56, stn021 wrote: 

> Yet I can plug the USB-stick anywhere with different drive-letters and/or
> copy msys+etc to different drives (tried C:, D:, F:, G:) and it always
> works. No modifications necessary. Very nice :-)

I suspect that your mount point references may not always work as you
expect, if that D:\MinGW was a reference to the USB device when you set
up the installation.  If your USB drive mounts to E:\ on another host,
which lacks a suitably compatible MinGW installation at D:\MinGW, then
while your MSYS programs will continue to work okay, your MinGW
programs, (which live in /mingw/bin rather than /bin), likely
will not.

That is a reasonable assumption.

I may have unintentionally caused a misunderstanding here. My intention is only to make MSYS portable, meaning mainly the unix-text-utils like sed, grep, vim etc.

A portable MinGW is a whole different matter. MinGW is a compiler-suite with all kinds of internal depencies, like preprocessor, header-files, libraries etc. I have used MinGW as a compiler before, but only in a non-portable unmodified installation as provided by the installer.

For a portable MinGW the launcher of portableapps is a very elegant solution, and it would be my first choice too. I am surprised to see that portableapps.com so far offers only very rudimentary support for portable MinGW. I am sure that a lot of people would have use for that.




That was one of the "wrinkles" I had in mind, when I replied last night.
 We may need to add start-up code to /etc/profile, so we can rewrite
/etc/fstab to make drive letter assignments for paths on the USB device
follow any changes to that device assignment.  This is an issue I have
not yet needed to address, (because on every host where I've used my
portable MSYS installation, the device has always had identically the
same drive letter assignment), but I suspect it may only be a matter of
time before I have to deal with it.


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