This might seem like a very newbie question, and that is because it is.  I just started using MinGW and have never really worked with DLLs much either prior to this.  I have searched the archive and the FAQ and documentation for help on this issue and haven't found anything to solve my problem.  So if the answer is out there somewhere, I just missed it, so please be patient.  So here is my problem:
I am taking a program someone wrote in Linux w/ GCC and trying to put it into a program/system for Windows.  This is what I was told to do, don't ask me why they would want to do it.  Well, I got MinGW installed so that I could compile the program properly in Windows.  Now the next step is writing the wrappers to allow this program to interact with the larger system.
My problem is that the API I was given is in DLLs and the only thing that I have received are the DLLs.  No LIB or DEF files or anything else, just the DLLs.  So, in order to get it to work with MinGW code, it is my understanding that I need to get the lib file out of it.  So checking the FAQs on the MinGW site, I tried using pexports to get a def file out of it.  The problem is, the def file comes out empty. 
$ pexports -v FRAMES2_DataSet.dll
;    .text: RVA: 00001000, File offset: 00001000
;   .rdata: RVA: 0000a000, File offset: 0000a000
;    .data: RVA: 0000c000, File offset: 0000c000
;   .reloc: RVA: 0000e000, File offset: 0000d000
This lead me to try the program called DUMPBIN and got the following:
Microsoft (R) COFF/PE Dumper Version 7.10.2240.8
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Dump of file FRAMES2_DataSet.dll
File Type: DLL
        2000 .data
        2000 .rdata
        1000 .reloc
        9000 .text

But, when I ran DUMPBIN checking for the IMPORTS instead of EXPORTS, I got a full list of functions matching what I should have in this library based on the documentation of the API.  Maybe I am just being rather stupid about DLLs in general, since I don't really know much about them at all, but this is confusing me.  Given just a DLL, how can I go about using it in a MinGW program to create wrappers?  I hope someone can help me figure out my problem.
Zac Corbet
Zac Corbet
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