Thanks, Chuck

On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 11:16 PM, Charles Wilson <> wrote:

Well, there are two different zlibish packages.  There's the one for
*msys* applications:


Then, there's the mingw one:

mingw32-zlib-doc   aka zlib-doc
mingw32-zlib-lic   aka zlib-lic
mingw32-zlib-man   aka zlib-man
mingw32-libz-dll   aka libz-dll
mingw32-libz-dev   aka libz-dev

If you install "zlib" then you get all three of the mingw32 packages
whose aliases begin with "zlib".  You also probably get libz-dll by
default, simply because several other packages depend on it.

I don't think I got libz-dll.  Didn't see it int the command output.

What you DON'T get is libz-dev.  You have to install that manually.

Done; thanks.
We really need a 'mingw-get show' command, but nobody has had enough
'tuits to get around ...tuit.

Even a page on the website that lists all the usable prefixes and full names would help a lot.  I tried to guess but didn't think of 'libz-dev'.

-- Tom


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