While waiting for your response, I came to a similar conclusion, albeit in a wrongheaded manner.  I had already set up a ln to sys/include inside ebuild/$(TARGET)/sys-include/, which got past that and on to missing <windows.h>.  So clearly mingw headers are needed to proceed.  Without your response, I probably would have tried to add *both* /sys/include and mingw's headers to the search path, which I now know to be incorrect.

Between what you've told me and my experimental findings, I think I have a way forward.  Hopefully I can get my nifty cross-compiling master Makefile working.

Thanks for the insight.

-- Early

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 3:29 PM, Brian Dessent <> wrote:
Early Ehlinger wrote:

> I'm not sure why
> /home/earlye/Projects/mingw-cross/4.2.3/gcc/host-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/gcc/xgcc
> is ignoring /usr/include as an option for stdio.h.

You're building a cross compiler, and it would be absolutely wrong for
such a cross to look at the native's include directory.  They are two
completely separate platforms and share nothing whatsoever between
headers.  What you need to do is install MinGW's headers (and libs and
crt*.o et cetera) from the mingw-runtime package either in a sysroot
(and supply --with-sysroot) or in $tooldir/{include,lib} (where tooldir
defaults to $prefix/$target) before you build the cross compiler.

> I'm trying again with --enable-bootstrap as a configure option for
> gcc.  Will report my progress.  If anybody has any other ideas, please
> let me know.

You can't bootstrap a cross.  Bootstrap is only meaningful for a native.


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