On Saturday 02/16/2013 at 03:58:27, Sergio NNX wrote:
> > I'm stuck on msys-apr-util. I started off with the recommended
> > apr-util-1.3.12-3 which fails in numerous places (during configure
> > and make), and also tried the latest from Adobe, apr-util-1.5.1. It
> > needed to know where the installed apr was (/bin). After a
> > buildconf and configure which seemed to go ok, doing a make,
> > resulted in:

I've built the latest versions of: apr, apr-util and log4cxx successfully on MinGW (not msys or cygwin) in case you need some assistance.



Thanks Sergio.  I'm specifically having problems with msys builds of apr-util, though.  That's in msys-1.0.18.