I get it now, thank you

s/foo/bar/g, passed as an argument to sed, would be a sort of
substitute command, like in vim, and sh would think it is path.
I have a similar problem when I try to run cmd /C myscript.bat from
msys sh, where /C get converted to C:\ and I have to use cmd \ /C

Is this behavior documented somewhere, maybe with a hint on how
to avoid it ?

Thank you,
Timothy Madden,

On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 12:09 PM, JonY <10walls@gmail.com> wrote:
Timothy Madden wrote:
> What does it mean to compile for MinGW and to compile for MSYS ?
> As I know I have to read the INSTALL file, which usually says I have to
> run ./configure, make and make install.

those instructions are for UNIX installs, which work well for MSYS+MinGW
*most* of the time.

Here is the subtle difference:

Programs compiled with MinGW use msvcrt.dll as the runtime dll, MSYS
variants use msys-1.0.dll. Programs found loading msvcrt.dll will get
their paths converted to native Windows format instead of UNIX ones.

MSYS confuses sed syntax for path, eg "sed s/foo/bar/g" will have "/"
coverted to "\", which makes no sense to sed if linked to msvcrt.dll.

To compile for MSYS, you will need msysDVLPR, which is not usually what
MinGW users want, think of it as another "Cygwin" install.

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