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I'm currently trying to build a grib reader on Windows7 using mingw.
I get a failure in the build process with an

Undefined reference to "_lstat" and "_S_ISLNK"

Excuse the apostasy, but you could build this on Cygwin if it needs *nix
things and it's going to be time-consuming to port properly?

Let me give a little more background on what I'm (foolishly?)
attempting.  I am trying to build a Python grib reader which depends
on this *nix grib reader for the underlying I/O.  This is why I'm
trying to build/port the *nix code to MinGW/MSYS.


If what you are after is a Python module to read Grib files under windows
perhaps you could try using a recent GDAL  http://www.gdal.org

here is the grib support page