I have -O0 in my command line, which should disable all optimizations, according to the gcc manual. Before that I had no -O option in the command line - I know about code reordering/loop unfolding etc.
This is not the reason, I think...


Am 27.11.2010 14:28, schrieb Peter D Kellas:

> Thanks
> CodeDwarf
           Ah! I have seen a very similar problem with the GSL library!

          Are you compiling with optimisations? (e.g. -O2 flag, etc)? In my case,
          I tracked down the problem to the reordering the compiler seems to do
          during optimisation. I am guessing the .line and .text segments get out
          of sync if you use optimisations... Removing the -O2 flag cured the
          problem in my case.


I would agree with Peter Rockett.   I have many years of experience with Fortran programming and have noticed this phenomenon when using debug.
The recommendation was always to compile with optimisation set to its lowest level, normally 0.  This ensures that the lines of code are read in the order in which they appear in source.
I suspect the same is true with C compilers.

Peter Kellas
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