I want to create a static library.
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On 8/31/06, Michael Gerdau <mgd@technosis.de> wrote:
>    There is another issue. I searched the FAQ but but could not find a
> suitable answer. I have compiled my source code to form .obj. now I want to
> link the objs to form a .lib. Which linker flag should I use?
> i used -shared but it did not work.

What type of lib do you wish to create ?
- shall it be a static lib ?
  * suiteable for MSVC ? - don't know OTOH
  * suiteable for MinGW ? - use ar and ranlib
- shall it be an importlib ?
  see http://www.mingw.org/MinGWiki/index.php/CreateImportLibraries

In any way: '-shared' does create a shared object (DLL).

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