Thanks Keith,
   There is another issue. I searched the FAQ but but could not find a suitable answer. I have compiled my source code to form .obj. now I want to link the objs to form a .lib. Which linker flag should I use?
i used -shared but it did not work.
Thanks and Regards,

On 8/30/06, Keith MARSHALL <> wrote:
Earnie Boyd wrote:
> And also, the library name given to the linker needs to be given
> without the lib prefix.  With -llibUSER32 the linker is looking for
> a file in the library paths for one of liblibUSER32.dll.a,
> liblibUSER32.a, libUSER32.dll and libUSER32.lib.  You would need to
> specify -luser32 to ld for it to find the library file.

Oops!  I missed that.  Thanks.


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