This just in...since I've had little time lately for much besides family & seeking employment.

            Running Msys configure. After starting a configure...

                        I minimized Msys/rxvt (command line prompt) in order to do some other things besides stare at the Msys command line prompt.

            As I write this, Msys command line prompt is running minimized.

            Everytime sh.exe is launched, it is launched, not in the background, as I would have expected, but in the foreground, popping sh.exe windows which are executing things like cc1.exe and as.exe.

            This behaviour tends to be irritating, at the very least, because I can barely type a sentence before sh.exe pops into the foreground.

            This is a consistent behaviour which seems to be easy to reproduce everytime that Msys is not actively running in foreground.

            Paul G.

            Any ideas why this might occur?