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you are very great

Brian Dessent <> д
haibin zhang wrote:

> Anybody can build gcc-4.2.* in mingw?
> Just now gcc has released 4.2.0 , but mingw is still using gcc-3.4.5.

Please search the archives. It seems like this has been asked a half
dozen times at least. And it's more suited for the mingw-users list as
it doesn't really have anything to do with MSYS.

To summarize: Yes, you can certainly build gcc 4.x for mingw right now.
You may need some prerequisite libraries installed (e.g. current SVN
mainline now requires gmp 4.2.1 and mpfr 2.2.0, even if you're not
building gfortran) and you may need a number of options to configure.
It's not just a simple "./configure && make". Several people have
posted HOWTOs. There are some sites with prebuilt binaries.

The reason you do not currently see gcc 4.x binary packages on the mingw
file release area is that gcc 4 is not yet stable on mingw. It might
work fine if you are doing straight C or perhaps C++ without exceptions,
but there are certainly outstanding issues with the other languages like

You also have to realize that the 3.4.x mingw binaries have a number of
patches included that are not present upstream (for one reason or
another) and so by using 4.x you lose those. I think one of them was
fixing exception handling across DLLs. It might be that some of these
problems are already fixed upstream, or it could be that the mingw-local
patches still need to be forward ported. 4.x and 3.x are so radically
different that I'd say the chances of any of the patches applying
cleanly are nil.

Another problem spot is SJLJ, which I think has withered in 4.x due to
not being used by many ports, but this is still the only 100% reliable
EH method for mingw. It would be nice to get all the dwarf2 EH issues
resolved so that mingw can leave SJLJ forever, but that hasn't happened

Right now the mainline is back to stage 1 and I'm pretty sure that Danny
is working hard on getting a number of things merged, so we might be in
better shape before too long, but again that's mainline, not any release


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