>> Dear all,
>> I installed mingw with codeblocks. And I downloaded the source code of Praat
>> (http://www.fon.hum.uva.nl/praat/download_sources.html). If I build it on
> > mingw shell, I get success. But when I tried to build it on codeblock, I get
> > 2 types of errors:

> I like LRN do not use CodeBlocks.  If you're able to build without it
> but cannot with it then there is most likely a configuration issue
> with CodeBlocks.  Is CodeBlocks using g++ versus your command line
> version using gcc?

> > Unkown type name size_t
> > Unkown type name BASE
> >

> These happen because of some other reason such as the compiler did not
> find the include files that defined them.
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> Earnie
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Thank for your replying.
I think CodeBlocks use mingw 's compiler because CodeBlocks is just an IDE and when I install codeBlock, it ask me what compiler should be used.
If I do not use CodeBlock, how can I use its (Praat's) lib to program? Are there any IDEs?