Well if people want to know, adding -D__NO_CTYPE fixes the ctype problem and the errno problem was fixed by adding
extern int _errno;
#define errno _errno
somewhere, though obviously this is dirty.  These problems came up even without libgw32c and their headers.

I wouldn't say I contaminated the headers when the headers are in a different directory and I am very aware that I am specifying them in certain CFLAGS.

Keith Marshall <keithmarshaw
r 2006 00:34, Max Lynch wrote:
> I am trying to get a library (libgpod) to compile on windows without
> cygwin, using mingw.  I've installed libgw32c and all the headers, ...

So, you no longer have a clean, and stable MinGW installation; you have
contaminated the header pool with all of the GnuWin32 extensions, to the
extent that no header will be recognisable as a MinGW original.

> I am linking with -lgw32c and using their standard headers, but I want to
> think that this is a problem with libc and mingw.

Well, MinGW uses MSVCRT, with a few well chosen extensions; it does *not* use
libc at all, and, while libgw32c is an extension library designed to work
with MinGW, it is neither provided by, nor supported by the MinGW project.
As Tor (Lillqvist) has pointed out, if you need to use it at all, then you
need to raise any support issues directly with the GnuWin32 project.

> I am using the "stable" gcc packages.

From whence? If you mean our `Current' packages set, with headers replaced by
those from GnuWin32, then it's no longer a pure MinGW installation, and I'm
sorry, but I'm not prepared to attest to its residual `stability'.

> Any ideas?  Thanks.

I'd like to second Tor's advice to avoid libgw32c, unless you *absolutely*
can't get by without it. With no disrespect intended to Kees Zeelenberg,
(who maintains GnuWin32), I dislike the way in which he modifies the standard
MinGW headers; therefore, in my own porting work for MinGW, I don't use
libgw32c, and I have never found a burning need for it. That said, I do find
some pre-built GnuWin32 binary packages to be extremely useful, in the
absence of any existing mingwPORT, or other more direct native MinGW build.

Other than this, I'm afraid I can offer no enlightenment, beyond those
suggestions already tabled by Tor.


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