still, I find it troublesome that development goes backwards as to usability,
I have still not after months of attempts successfully gotten a new gcc installed, while previous version 2.8 took me 2 days.
Is there by chance a list of the filestructure
that give a sample of the files needed as a basic set to get a gcc compiler for C,C++ and Ada running (and with the libstdc++
which access to is the root of all this trouble, I just need to get that lib working for reference from the application Im so long delayed in compiling&linking)
many Tnx
for possible help
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On 5/10/2014 9:25 AM, georg chambert wrote:
HELP, is there anywhere where I can get a (binary) full installation, and self installing, on ONE FILE ?

Hi Georg,

The MinGW project does not currently offer an all-in-one installer, instead opting for the online version to minimize users' total bandwidth utilization during the download process.

However, if you run the installation process on a networked machine, it will be safe for you to then copy the contents of the MinGW installation (starting at the root folder that you choose during installation) to a non-networked machine, to obtain a working MinGW installation there.

Alternatively (and I stress that this is not in any way supported by the MinGW project), you may consider TDM-GCC[1], which offers a GCC toolchain based on MinGW with some patches for Windows-friendliness.

-John E. / TDM

[1] - <http://tdm-gcc.tdragon.net>

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