Attn: Greg Chicares


I went to the "gmane" link you suggested and downloaded a "Caesar" version

and a "Marshall" version of msys.bat.  After they also failed, it occurred to

me that Microsoft Vista was opening them with "notepad".  (Most likely, I had

set the ".bat" default to program "notepad".)  At any rate, I reset the default

to the Windows Command Processor ("cmd.exe"). I then tested all three .bat

versions, and got nearly identical results: 1) all three produced a window

that started me in "c:\msys\1.0"; 2) the original SourceForge version had an

Msys icon in the upper-left-corner while the other two had a "cmd.exe" icon.


I changed to my program directory and ran "c:\MinGW\bin\mingw32-make.exe"

There was no "make.exe" (why?) in that directory until I copied and renamed.

For all window versions, I could compile and run, but I could not run

"make clean", since it did not recognized "rm" as a valid command.


In your last note to me, you said "You need bash". What is this?

Has it already been downloaded in some hidden fashion?

I didn't see it mentioned on the SourceForge download page.


Mike Deverin