#2169 current minGW does not make folder links for win7

Chris Hunt

When I installed minGW following instructions to install a program called cgminer I went looking for the folder shortcuts and they were not there. I got what looked like a linux prompt to open by looking in the msys folder in the minGW folder but commands specified did not work like minGW-get as they were not recognized.

I am on windows 7 64 bit ,but I'm hoping that's not the issue. I installed as admin with and without gui mode and with shortcuts selected to be added with no luck. All roads pointed that latest version should have the package manager and minGW shell. I did install the basic install from the installation manager and set the minGW directory as stated on the wiki page.

Any help would be appreciated


  • Keith Marshall
    Keith Marshall

    Sorry; I do not understand what you mean by folder links. Symbolic links? Directory junctions? Menu or desktop application launcher shortcuts?

    Creation of none of these is particularly well supported specifically by MinGW; you may use standard Windows tools to create and manipulate any of them, to the extent that they are supported by the underlying OS. If you mean the last of them, then mingw-get will create launcher shortcuts for its own GUI, (if you chose to install it); this WJFFM.

    Beyond this, what "folder links" were you expecting, that you do not see?

  • Chris Hunt
    Chris Hunt

    No I thought when I first installed it was supposed to make shortcut links to minGW and the shell but it doesn't the wiki shows even though it asks if I want them I still have to make them myself. I was having trouble with commands not working and I thought for some reason I wasn't accessing the shell right to enter the commands.

    Sorry if I confused you.