#1823 msys.dll: Don't pull user32.dll just to see if right alt ...

Cesar Strauss
Kirill Smelkov

Subject: [PATCH] msys.dll: Don't pull user32.dll & friends just to detect whether right alt should be used as meta

I've discovered that every msys program pulls lots of dlls on startup.
In particular the following simple program

---- 8< ----
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main()
printf("Hello World\n");
---- 8< -----

when compiled with mingw compiler, executes almost instantly, but when
compiled with msys compiler and linked with msys.dll, starts
significantly longer - ~0.2 - 0.5 seconds depending on machine.

As Kirill K. Smirnov already found[1] the problem lies in that on
startup, msys.dll pulls in user32.dll and does lot's of "unnecessary
things". And the following test justifies it:

$ WINEDEBUG=loaddll wine xmsys.exe
trace:loaddll:load_builtin_dll Loaded L"KERNEL32.dll" at 0x7ed50000: builtin
trace:loaddll:load_native_dll Loaded L"Z:\\home\\kirr\\src\\tools\\git\\msysgit\\bin\\xmsys.exe" at 0x400000: native
trace:loaddll:load_native_dll Loaded L"Z:\\home\\kirr\\src\\tools\\git\\msysgit\\bin\\msys-1.0.dll" at 0x68000000: native
trace:loaddll:load_builtin_dll Loaded L"C:\\windows\\system32\\advapi32.dll" at 0x7e950000: builtin
trace:loaddll:load_builtin_dll Loaded L"C:\\windows\\system32\\gdi32.dll" at 0x7e780000: builtin
trace:loaddll:load_builtin_dll Loaded L"C:\\windows\\system32\\version.dll" at 0x7ef30000: builtin
trace:loaddll:load_builtin_dll Loaded L"C:\\windows\\system32\\user32.dll" at 0x7e820000: builtin
trace:loaddll:load_builtin_dll Loaded L"C:\\windows\\system32\\imm32.dll" at 0x7e410000: builtin
trace:loaddll:load_builtin_dll Loaded L"C:\\windows\\system32\\winex11.drv" at 0x7e5c0000: builtin

Investigating showed that msys.dll imports kernel32.dll only, but also
implements some form of lazy-import (see .../winsup/cygwin/autoload.cc)
for symbols from other dlls, with the intention (as I see it) not to
other system dlls until needed.

But also, it turned out, that in order to see whether AltGr should be
used as META or not, on _every_ msys startup, we were calling
GetKeyboardLayout() which is from user32.dll OOPS...

Avoid that, and suddenly my test program runs significantly faster. It
still pulls in advapi32.dll - this can be investigated later...

[1] http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13606#c8

Signed-off-by: Kirill Smelkov <kirr@landau.phys.spbu.ru>


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    Earnie Boyd

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  • As part of contributing the "msysgit" changes back upstream I'd really like to see this patch applied. Any particular reason for it not being considered for two years now?

    • Cesar Strauss
      Cesar Strauss

      Any particular reason for it not being considered for two years now?

      Sheer lack of time. Also, I was giving priority to some other bug-fixing patches (this is more of an enhancement patch).

      I appreciate the effort to contribute changes upstream. I'll work on this.


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    Cesar Strauss

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