#35 mingwPORT for x86_64 gettext


This is a set of scripts and a patches (well, one patch, actually) that will compile 64-bit GNU gettext from the source.

They are derived from the original mingwPORT scripts for gettext 0.17 from mingw32 project and adapted for gettext and mingw-w64.

How to use:
unpack into separate directory (say, c:/mingwports)
cd /c/mingwports/gettext-

then answer the questions.
If you don't have wget, download gettext- from the nearest GNU ftp mirror and put it into c:/mingwports

A few notes:
1) changelog release notes need updating. Also, release notes were s/32/64/g'ed, so they might be misleading in some places.
2) release notes will mention packages as requirements. Obviously, no such packages for mingw-w64 exist (yet?). You might have to use one of the personal mingw-w64 builds (with autotools, binutils, etc), or compile these prior to building gettext. You might get away with using 32-bit tools from mingw32 in some places, i'm not sure.
3) I've tried to keep dllexport/dllimport magic in gettext, but failed. It fails somewhere somehow (probably due to differences in mingw-w64 behaviour compared to mingw32), resulting in unresolved externals at compile time. As a result, i was forced to switch it off completely, relying on auto-import instead. Hopefully, recent auto-import improvements will make sure that variable imports and exports won't crash anything.
4) It passes most of the tests (4 failures, some of which match the failures of mingw32 gettext)


  • LRN

    Wait, where's the file i attached with the initial submission? *sigh*
    Well, i wanted to update this anyway, and there doesn't seem to be a way to attach extra files. Here's the link to the source archive - http://lrn.no-ip.info/other/mingw/gettext/gettext-0.18.1-1-mingw64-src.tar.xz

    In it:
    Fixed release notes a bit.
    Added generic file fixups for autopoint and some utility scripts.
    Switched from tar.lzma to tar.xz

  • NightStrike

    I tried to attach the file myself. It failed, presumably because it's too big.