I used your builds too. I dont remember why, probably cause it was the first one I found that just worked. I'll give the mingw-builds a try.
Thank you for your work.

On Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 6:04 PM, K. Frank <kfrank29.c@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello Ruben!

OOooohhh  NOOOOOoooooOOOOO!!!

On Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 9:15 AM, Ruben Van Boxem
<vanboxem.ruben@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have come to the conclusion that my MinGW-w64 builds bring too little to
> the table for me to continue maintaining them.
> I strongly encourage you to use the plethora of toolchains in a multitude of
> configurations available at mingw-builds. Comparing download numbers they
> have a much higher visibility, and e.g. their adoption by the Qt Project
> speaks of their quality. They have succeeded in doing what I missed when I
> decided to start building GCC, so my effort spent in doing that is now
> wasted.
> I may dabble into getting Clang 3.3 to work on Windows, perhaps even with
> libc++, but I am not promising anything.
> I'll still linger around here though, don't worry.

Sad to see your builds depart!  (But glad you're staying ...)

Now, I'm sure them mingw-builds builds are fine, and such, but where's a
fellow to go when he wants a nice, WACKY build?  Hmm?

You know, like a fine wine -- maybe a bit off the beaten path, quirky, even,
but a worthy vintage, nonetheless.

Thanks for all your work and all your builds.

> All the best,
> Ruben

Happy Hacking!

K. Frank

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