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2 different 32-bit autobuilds the same day.


  • Anonymous

    Hi, I'm giving a try to MinGW-w64 for the 32-bit Windows platform and right now I'm a bit confused.

    For example, right now in the autobuilds category there are these 2 builds:

    What is the difference between them? What does the 1.0 mean?

    Thank you very much.

    P.S.: Is there any way to access the build scripts used to build them?

  • NightStrike

    Buildbot uses the makefile located in our svn repo at experimental/buildsystem/

    The difference in those two files is the 1.0.  That is built off the release branch of mingw-w64, whereas the other is built off the trunk.


  • Anonymous

    Thank you, so the one I need to use to give it a try is the 1.0 one right?