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DLL installation paths

  • Doug Semler
    Doug Semler

    Hey guys…I added two patches to http://github.com/tpaxatb/buildscripts/tree/master/gcc4.5-patches/dll-locations that patch against 4.5 for DLL installation.  They are two separate yet complementary patches.  They may apply to the 4.6 branch but I don't know (probably would get merge conflicts against regenerated configure).

    0001 Fix - installs the runtime libraries into the correct locations based on version-specific and if it's a cross compiler.
    0002 Fix - installs libgcc_s.dll into the correct locations based on version-specfic and if it's a cross compiler.

    Here is the logic I followed:
    Follow the lib*.dll.a import library unless the following conditions are met:
    1) the user didn't specify -version-specific-runtime-libs *AND*
    2) the compiler is NOT a cross compiler *AND*
    3) the DLL being installed is for the native target arch.

    IF the 3 conditions above are met, I follow the conventions of the current cygwin/mingw.org and install into $bindir.  The libgcc_s.dll patch follows this convention as well.  Note that these patches do NOT attempt to prefix the DLL names with anything (e.g. no separation in dll name).

    Patch 2 actually has a side effect of fixing -version-specific for libgcc.so on Linux machines as well.

    I've run some compiles with various options (version and non version specific native linux, non version and version specific runtime cross from linux to mingw64 and from that build a native host-target mingw64 build) and they seem to work.  I would appreciate it if anyone feels like doing so to run them through their paces and see if anything breaks…basically becuase I would like comments on them while I wait for the copyright assignment stuff to go through so that I can fix any problems prior to posting upstream…


  • Kai Tietz
    Kai Tietz

    Hello Doug,

    great patch and many thanks for the work you've did. I hope paper-work is soon completed.