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Which package should I install on Ubuntu 12?

  • Bowie Frisch
    Bowie Frisch

    My OS is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 64-bit.

    Previously I downloaded and installed mingw-w64-1.0-bin_x86_64-linux_20120227.tar.bz2.

    About 10 hours today, I saw this build: mingw-w64-bin_x86_64-linux_20130507.tar.bz2. Does this build supersede  mingw-w64-1.0-bin_x86_64-linux_20120227.tar.bz2 ??

    I have one more question: is there a change in naming files? For example, where is mingw-w64-2.0-bin_x86_64-linux_20120227.tar.bz2 or mingw-w64-3.0-bin_x86_64-linux_20120227.tar.bz2

  • Jonathan Yong
    Jonathan Yong

    It should already be available through apt-get, no need to download manually.
    "apt-cache search mingw" should give you some clues about the exact name.