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Commit Date  
[r256] (HEAD) by eloraam

Fixed Rewrote armor handling to provide needed functionality.

2012-02-09 23:12:27 Tree
[r255] by lexmanos

New parameter for setup script to skip the initial decompile. Used in the build system to speed things up.

2012-02-03 10:46:49 Tree
[r254] by spacetoad

tagged 1.3.2

2012-01-29 13:28:11 Tree
[r253] by spacetoad

bumbed version number

2012-01-29 13:27:26 Tree
[r252] by lexmanos

Potions are not armor.

2012-01-28 07:34:39 Tree
[r251] by lexmanos

Reorganized SpecialArmor code to work properly.

2012-01-28 07:09:55 Tree
[r250] by lexmanos

Some typo fixes

2012-01-28 06:16:58 Tree
[r249] by lexmanos

Updated for MCP Mappings

2012-01-25 13:08:09 Tree
[r248] by lexmanos

Streamlined the Setup, Build and Package scripts:
On windows they no longer need the user to press enter every step
Moved version info out to version.txt, This will only effect the svn. If you update the version do it in version.txt not in
Introduced the build number into the version string.
Cleaned up some extra echos in scripts.

2012-01-25 07:00:31 Tree
[r247] by lexmanos

Reach and Rail bugfix

2012-01-23 20:44:10 Tree
[r246] by spacetoad

tagged 1.3.1

2012-01-22 01:28:49 Tree
[r245] by spacetoad

bumped version number

2012-01-22 01:28:22 Tree
[r244] by lexmanos

Merged in trunk revision, Updated MCP Mappings.

2012-01-21 21:26:03 Tree
[r243] by lexmanos

Push before merging trunk into branch

2012-01-21 20:36:06 Tree
[r242] by lexmanos

Install.cmd now tries to add the system folder to the current path.

2012-01-21 19:45:03 Tree
[r241] by lexmanos

Basic functionality for Wrapping ServerSide MLMP Packets in 250 packets.
Re-wrote login sequence to check for for clients without breaking vanilla clients.
Cleanup needed, but after client side is done.

2012-01-20 18:52:01 Tree
[r240] by lexmanos

Disabled updatenames int he isntall scripts till MCP fixes the reobf issue.
Updated to MLMP 1.1v2, Which says it fixes bugs it doesn't But it does fix the packet bug.
Fixed a bug in Packet 250.

2012-01-20 18:44:00 Tree
[r239] by lexmanos

Updated MCP mappings

2012-01-19 19:21:48 Tree
[r238] by lexmanos

Fixed the Minecart Drop bug

2012-01-19 00:53:18 Tree
[r237] by lexmanos

Everything compiles now, Doesn't work, needs testing, but compiles.

2012-01-18 23:44:59 Tree
[r236] by eloraam

Fixed a bug that caused snowballs to drop incorrectly.

2012-01-18 03:03:34 Tree
[r235] by lexmanos

Initial push of ModLoader code cleaned up, does not compile/work.

2012-01-18 01:11:43 Tree
[r234] by lexmanos

Small update to ContainerCreative hook for better compatibility with mods that extend block IDs.

2012-01-17 21:03:08 Tree
[r233] by lexmanos

Fixed getCartClassForItem and getCartTypeForItem

2012-01-17 16:48:09 Tree
[r232] by lexmanos
2012-01-17 06:29:10 Tree
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