Insight UI 1.5.2 Released

A new release of MindTree Insight UI (1.5.2) is now available for download. This release is a defect fix release from 1.5.1. The artifacts of the release are available for download on the SourceForge.Net File Release System at

This release addresses the following issues:
1931478: Remote Receiver does not stop
1932949: Saving Insight preferences
1931541: Complete Insight bash script and test it

Should you find any issues with the release, please send an email to the Insight Users mailing list ( or raise a defect on the Insight Bug Tracker at

Insight UI is an application meta-data and log analysis tool. Written in Java Swing, this tool can be used to parse and analyze log files generate using a number of libraries. It provides a graphical interface to search, sort, merge and trace through log events.

The insight-ui website is at

Posted by Bindul Bhowmik 2008-04-08