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MinDia Version 0.97.3 released

The new release of MinDia (version 0.97.3) is available now.
The most important features are:
* better support for other Linux distributions
* better configuration for Linux (uninstall now available)
* fixes for newer Qt versions
* binary and source RPM packages for SuSE 8.2
* using Qt 3.2.1 and Python 2.3.3 for Windows
* automatic language detection implemented
* small bugfixes

Posted by Michael Neuroth 2004-02-22

MinDia Version 0.97.2 released

The new release of MinDia (version 0.97.2) is available now.
The most important features are:
* english documentation
* example slide show
* demo device module to add support for other projectors
* improved dynamic text support
* installation program for windows
* a lot of bugfixes
Feedback about this release is very welcome. See also the open discussion forum.

Posted by Michael Neuroth 2004-02-01

MinDia Version 0.97.1 released

Well it took a long time for the second release of MinDia, but finally the release 0.97.1 is out!!!
A lot of new features are implemented, a lot of bugs are fixed (but there are still some left ;-). I think it is worth testing and it should be usefull. Have a look at the changes.

WARNING: The support for the new rollei projector Rolleivision twin MSC 3x0 P is *not* tested!
Please be very carefull with tests and/or contact the author (mindia@sourceforge.net).... read more

Posted by Michael Neuroth 2003-08-15