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s griffith
  • s griffith
    s griffith

    Are there any plans in place to support the next rev of .Net? I'm working in the VS 2005 Express betas that are available for free (http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/express/), and am interested in incorporating the functionality MimerPM provides.

    Steve G.

  • Bengt Gunne
    Bengt Gunne

    Yes, we will try this out shortly. I will let you know when there is something to try out!


  • s griffith
    s griffith

    Thanks for the update - put me on the short list of people to notify when you're ready to test with .net 2 and VS2005!

    Steve G.

  • hideghety

    Are SQL commands inside MIMER universal or only DataBase neutral!? Let's explain: neutral vs. universal...

    I saw a lot of code where UniDBXXXWrapper classes were generated for SQL and Oracle ADO.NET. These wrappers worked fine, they just repaced the prefix before a named parameter and ecause the SQL command was DB neutral, it worked fine on Oracle and on SQL. But these commands did not worked on Postgres because Postgres uses prefixes before column names, etc...

    Universal data-layer: works everywhere (for every existing connection). It should have it's own SQL command parser, so it should be able to convert from it's own SQL instuction set to Postgres, SQL or Oracle (by adding the prefixes, and so on)...

    Another question:
    Why does Mimer have implementation of Oracle ADO.NET adapter? Why doesn't it use the existing adapter from .NET?