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MimerDesk 2.0.1 released

The new stable major bugfix release of MimerDesk corrects several bugs found in previous versions, adds the estonian translation and updates chinese, spanish and finnish translations.

Posted by Teemu Arina 2003-11-15

MimerDesk 2.0 improves collaborative learning process

The new stable release of MimerDesk introduces Type sets for the freedom of
choice in pedagogical methodologies, a better structured and more intuitive
user interface and new tools to further enhance effective collaboration.

MimerDesk takes one step closer towards pedagogical independence in the sense
that it is not limited to specific learning process methodologies, but instead
provides the possibility for the user to create Type sets for different types
of learning processes like Problem Based Learning.... read more

Posted by Teemu Arina 2003-09-11

MimerDesk 1.5.3 release information

The new version of MimerDesk makes collaboration with documents and governing groups easier and more efficient.

MimerDesk 1.5.3 includes an improved file management system which makes working with files in groups simple yet capable. The new version controlling system and locking system enables concurrent editing of files and ensures file intergrity.

All common file formats can now be previewed with the newest browsers through MimerDesk.... read more

Posted by Teemu Arina 2002-07-18

MimerDesk 1.5.3 released

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm proud to announce the release of MimerDesk 1.5.3, our new major MimerDesk flagship release. Two major new feature improvements include a completely new template system and other features for translators to enable easier MimerDesk translation management and a completely revised feature rich File Manager.

The new File Manager highlights are:

- File revision control
- File lock/unlock (for editing purpouses)
- Download selected files and folders compressed with Zip
- Download selected files and folders compressed with Tar/Gzip
- Delete multiple files and folders
- Stream selected MP3 files (Basic Icecast implementation)
- Download counter
- Group admin can force unlock files
- Viewing files works now with IE, Opera, Konqueror, Netscape and Mozilla
- Edit MP3 tag
- Possible to edit file if content is text
- File and directory descriptions... read more

Posted by Teemu Arina 2002-07-16