mime-util 2.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the 2.1 release of mime-util.

With this release we have added a new WindowsRegistryMimeDetector that interfaces with the windows registry to look up the "Content Type" for file extensions.

We have also released a new MimeUtil2 class that can be used in threaded applications or where you need different detection policies in different parts of your application.

The getMimeTypes(URL url) methods can now detect MIME types directly from entries withing JAR and ZIP files. The ZipJarUtil class has som convenience overloaded methods for listing the entries from within JAR and ZIP files.

For full details of the supported MimeDetector(s), examples and much more information see the mime-util web site at http://www.medsea.eu/mime-util


The mime-util team

Posted by Steven McArdle 2009-06-14