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milter manager: milter-manager 0.9.0 Released

milter manager is a milter to use multiple milters

Speed and stability are improved.

=== milter-manager

* Added a feature to change group of UNIX domain socket.
* Speed up:
* Changed to send milter commands in a packet.
* Changed to process mail body on memory as far as possible.
* configure:
* --with-rcddir: Add a option to specify pkgsrc's rc.d directory.
* Bug fixes:
* Fixed a bug that a file descriptor is too closed.
* Fixed a bug that 'temporary failure' is reported as 'reject' in log.

=== New applicable conditions

* sendmail-compatible:
It's a feature to avoid macro related incompatibility
between Sendmail's milter implementation and Postfix's
milter implementation.
(ref. Postfix before-queue Milter support -

It's not an applicable condition but it uses applicable
condition framework to convert macros passed to a milter
by MTA. dnsbl-milter can be worked with Postfix without
a patch(*) by the feature.

(*) [2594714] Postfix support:

* authentication: It's an applicable condition to apply a
milter only when a connection is authenticated or

=== milter-performance-check

* Added a feature to send a file as a mail.
* Added a feature to send each file under specified
directories as a mail.
* --from, --recipient, --force-from, --force-recipient:
Added features to override from address and/or recipient
* --interval: Added a feature to send a mail at intervals.
* --period: Added a feature to send mails at the same
interval in period.
* --shuffle: Added a feature to send mails in random order.

=== milter-manager-log-analyzer

* [incompatible]: Added an item "abort" to processed mail graph.

Posted by Kouhei Sutou 2009-03-10