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MILLE-XTERM 1.0 released!

This release is a great advance in linux terminals clustering. New features are :

  • Support for usb key storage devices on terminal
  • Better multimedia support
  • NBD swap for low memory terminals
  • New way to define users's loggin scripts
  • Updated hardware list
  • Support for local applications
  • Kernel 2.6.12 with udev
  • Improvments to the configurator to define custom properties
  • Rewritten loadbalancer
  • New initrd and xtermroot scripts
  • Installation is now entirely done by RPMS packages
  • Possibility to limit the bandwith consumption of terminals
  • Classroom management with TeacherTool
  • More documentation about the installation and management process... read more
Posted by Francis Giraldeau 2006-04-24

MILLE-XTERM 0.5 released

News in this version: the sound is working on xterminals. We can define cluster classes to have a cluster in production and a testing cluster. Xterminals can be shutdown via the System Menu in GDM. SSHD can be launched on Xterminals. The Nodes
Manager in the Configurator is working. A documentation for printing is now included.
PyKota RPM is in the source. White paper updated and translated in french.

Posted by Benoit des Ligneris 2004-09-07

MILLE-XTERM 0.3 published

This release holds significant enchancements about the installation process, the diskonchip management, stability and robustness.The xterminal with a DiskOnChip can now be updated automatically. It use the loadbalancer at each X login.

There is new documentation on PyKota for printing accounting.

This version include the first public release of the Configurator. It include those components: Navigation module, start setup, node management module.... read more

Posted by Benoit des Ligneris 2004-07-31

MILLE-XTERM 0.1 published

The MILLE-XTERM team is proud to announce the first release of version 0.1.This version is the very first one. The community is welcome to try this release and become familiar with components that will be the base of the MILLE-XTERM project.
You can download the archive in the file section of SourceForge.

Changelog: 2004-07-14
Load Balancer: auto-discover your XTERM-SERVER with openSLP. Provides both load-balancing and QOS.
Disk On Chip: build Disk On Chip automatically with
Configurator : Proof of concept. SQL schema defined. Clients can receive a different lts.conf according to their MAC address.
LTSP integration : receive lts.conf from the configurator and use the load balancer to boot.
openLDAP : Extensive documentation on how to setup your openLDAP server (in french for the moment).
openLDAP : Scripts to generate RPMs for the configuration of the clients.
* openLDAP : Scripts to easily add/remove user and reset user password.

Posted by Benoit des Ligneris 2004-07-15