Thanks to Dr. Albert Kapune, Hans Fr. Nordhaug, Jan Henrik Sylvester for responding to my question about YAP and ghostscript,  In the end it was Hans' note on the entries in the registry that solved my problem.  Paths had been changed by the computer people here since the installation of ghostscript and prior to the installation the latest MikTeX, and I had obviously not caught all of the problems beforehand --- a case of too many fingers in the pie, so to speak.  I edited the registry entries for afpl ghostscript for the path changes and all is well.
Thanks again,
Stephen Smith
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I have updated my version of MiKTeX  (2.3) and YAP today and find that YAP (version 99h) cannot find ghostscript.  Ghostscript is intalled on my system (vers. 7.04) but the postscript tab on the options page from YAP is greyed out and indicates that ghostscript cannot be found.  I searched the archive but this kind of problem does not seem to have been reported lately.  Can anyone help with this problem?

I am using MiKTeX along with Winedt on an XP system with administrator access.

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