Dear Miktex-users,


I have a very specific Bibtex-format to fulfill for a document and I wonder if there is someone out there who ever needed a similar or knows a predefined bibtex style format of the following form:


In case of a single author: [Schu95a] for e.g. Schulte as author, year of publication 1995 and a,b,c…. if there are multiple publications of the same author in the same year


In case of two authors: [HeWe00] for Heinz and Wedel for the authors, year of publication 2000


In case of three authors: [WaBlAr98] for Wassum Blum and Armbruster for the authors, year of publication 1998


In case of four authors: [HWWB00] for Heinz Wassum Wedel Blum as authors, year of publication 2000



I think it should be feasible to use natbib to realize this (though I never tried).


Any hints or suggestions on how to cope with this greatly appreciated.



Best regards,


Juergen Fritz