#25 mo: various package manager improvements


First off, I've recently upgraded from 1.20e to 2.1
and the package downloading feature is really great.
Here are some things that i think would make it better.

  • make the box resizable so i don't have to scroll so
    much! (when this was added to the common file dialogs
    it was an absolute godsend...)

  • allow the packages to be sorted by name as well as
    in a tree format, and possibly implement some of those
    ordered columns too which could show the size and
    subject grouping. one column could also say which
    server(s) it was found on.

  • allow text search with wildcards of package names

  • don't download the package list EVERY time a package
    is installed -- have an option to assume it's correct
    if it's more than (say) a day old. (the current
    behaviour is annoying if you install several small
    packages one by one on a modem)

  • make it easy for people to package and submit files
    that aren't on the main sites, ie provide docs,
    packaging tools and a submission mechanism

  • instead of selecting one server, what about having a
    list which (optionally) is searched from top to
    bottom --- ie if a package isn't found on server 1, it
    prompts to look on server 2, etc. Or it could just
    prompt to look on any other server and give you a list.


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    oops that should say LESS than a day old in the fourth

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    Thank you for the suggestions; I think, all of them useful.