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#232 util: add asymptote

MetaPost (4)
Uli Laube

Add Asymptote to MiKTeX as an alternative or even
(successor) of MetaPost.


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    This program uses Unix functions (e.g., fork()).
    That is, it cannot be compiled as a native Windows

  • Uli Laube
    Uli Laube

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    ?!! there are windows binaries available!

    the website of the Asymptote project states:

    "runs on all major platforms (UNIX, MacOS, Microsoft Windows)"

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    Ok, you don't seem to be a programmer:
    these binaries are based on Cygwin, but MiKTeX is build
    with Visual Studio. Cygwin is an emulation layer (i.e.,
    it emulates the Unix API). Asymptote uses Unix API
    functions (e.g., fork()). These functions are not
    available with Visual Studio. Work-around: Use the
    "Windows binaries" offered on the Asymptote website.

  • Uli Laube
    Uli Laube

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    Perhaps we don't have the same idea about "please add xyz to

    If one takes "please add xyz to MiKTeX" as "take the source
    of xyz and build it in the same environment as the binaries
    of MiKTeX" then this is certainly not possible, due to the
    different APIs.

    If one takes it as "adjust the config files and see if it
    works with MiKTeX and then distribute it along with it" the
    different APIs will not be a hindrance.

    Does this mean that XINDY (,
    which is available for Win32 through Cygwin emulation layers
    as well (okay currently not working due to some problems
    with the common lisp port to win32 under cygwin) will never
    be part of MiKTeX and replace makeindex someday? Unless
    someone rewrites it using Visual Studio as build environment?

    In both cases (Asymptote and Xindy) that would be very

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    Thanks for your comment.

    Cygwin binaries in the MiKTeX distribution? The chance is
    small that it will happen.

    Please note that this tracker is still open. Porting
    Asymptote to the Windows platform is possible. I am
    looking for volunteers...