#231 core: follow shortcuts within TeXMF tree

Core (7)
Matt Swift

MiKTeX 2.4.1461 does not appear to follow shortcuts to
directories within a texmf tree when generating its
file name database (fndb). E.g. if I have the Windows
shortcut (also Cygwin symlink) between directories
s:\texmf\fonts\type1 -> s:\fonts\type1 and s:\texmf is
a MiKTeX root, then MiKTeX will not find the files in

Following shortcuts/symlinks works under web2c-based
TeX installations on Unix, and I mirror a directory of
platform-independent files (s: in the example above) to
Windows clients. The workaround is to follow symlinks
and get a second copy of s:\fonts\type1 in
s:\texmf\fonts\type1 on the Windows clients, but this
wastes bandwidth and disk space and causes problems if
propagating changes made on a Windows client back to
the master.

For backward compatibility, I would recommend that
following shortcuts within texmf trees be made an
option (default disabled) in MiKTeX Options
application. A global option would satisfy my needs,
but a per-root option seems like it would be generally
useful as well.