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#204 yap: back/forward navigation and source specials

Yap (62)

Suppose a dvi file such as "myfile.dvi" is open in Yap,
and then I do

"yap -1 -s 200myfile.tex myfile.dvi".

At this point, Yap moves to a new location in the dvi
file, corresponding to the requested source-special. It
would be convenient if I could then return to the
previous location by clicking the "back" navigation
button on the toolbar.

The present behaviour of the "back/forward" buttons is
that they keep track of the history of the hypertex
links that have been followed, but not the
source-specials. From the point of view of the user,
who uses both the text editor and Yap to navigate a
large document, the distinction between hypertex links
and source-specials is small.