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#2 yap: customizable short-cut keys

Yap (62)

Yap has a few short-cut keys, such as "q" for exit, but not many. I often use "Print PostScript" and so I would be delighted if you could assign a key to it (e.g., "s").

2nd request: the first thing that I do after starting Yap is always to scroll the view to the right a bit so that my text appears in the middle (otherwise I cannot see the entire text). I would be very happy if there is a "centering" command -- horizontal centering in particular. If you could assign a short-cut key to it, that's even better! Thanks.


  • I have the same experiences concering your 2nd request! In particular when using the source specials of miktex, one has to scroll the view to the right every time one switches from the editor to Yap (and this is happens often). It would be even better if one could specify a certain home position (i.e., a fixed vertical and horizontal position at the page) and if one press the "Home" key then Yap jumps to that position. The DVI viewer "WinDVI" has such a convenient implementation.

    Best regards!

  • John Allsup
    John Allsup

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    Regarding the first request: you aren't usually going to
    use Print Postscript nearly as often as up/down/goto/etc.

    Bear in mind that, being on the file menu, one can reach
    it as Alt-F S, which is two-keystroke combination.

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    I heartily agree with the second request! Every time I
    start YAP I scroll to the middle. An otpion to make that
    the default initial view (especially for horizontal) would
    be very nice.

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    Yeeees, some additional shortcuts would be greeat! As I like PS-
    Graphics, the Option display PS on/off as a shortcut would be verryy
    terribble great fine! :-)


    P.S.: Happy Easter!