MikTex Update Wizard

  • Konflikt mit Windows NT.
    Start von MikTex Update Wizard
    fhrt zu Fehlermeldung bzw.
    Aufforderung, Problembericht an
    MicroSoft zu senden.

    • I had the same problem, running XP with Service Pack 1. I got courageous, installed Service Pack 2
      and the Update Wizard worked again.

    • Oddly enough, although I have the same problem trying to use the shortcut for the update wizard under Windows XP SP2, it works fine if I use a command prompt window or spawn it from the Package Manager.

      It was said that requiring the shortcut to run under Windows 98 compatibility mode also works.

    • I am running WinXP and Miktex2_4

      I start the Update Wizard. It answers "experiencing a problem.. Apologize for the inconvenience."

      I have been unsuccessful in finding Service Pack 2. Where is it, please? Or - how do I access it, please?

    • I am running WinXP and Miktex2_4

      When I run Miktex Update Wizard, I get "Cannot download the list of available repositories. Cannot find the file specified."

      I then tried Win98 compatability mode. The same failure occurred.

    • You'll find service pack 2 if you use Internet Explorer (IE)
      Mozilla's are redirected to IE update

      take note: sp2 installation can take some time