How do I turn off window resizing?

  • Junior Brown
    Junior Brown

    I am new to MikTeX. I am using it under Microsoft Windows 7 and using Emacs as
    my editor. MikTeX keeps resizing the display window under me, which is
    extremely annoying. How can I turn off the self-resize feature?

    Problematic situations include cases where I have explicitly resized the
    window myself, and MikTeX returns the window size to an earlier setting. This
    includes cases when I save the LaTeX source file from Emacs, MikTeX
    sometimes notices and will resize the PDF output window; and when I run
    LaTeX (Ctrl-T), it reliably/consistently resizes the PDF output window.

    Another problematic situation arises when I use it on a laptop with an
    external monitor, then switch to using it with an internal monitor. When I
    return to the external monitor, MikTeX insists on making the edit/run window
    tiny and resizes the PDF output window and moves it off the right side of the
    screen. It also makes this the default setting, so when I re-run LaTeX or
    sometimes when I just save the file, it resizes and moves the windows.

    I tried searching these forums and looking online, I don't see others having
    this problem, but I don't think anything is strange about the configuration I
    am using. (I would cut and paste the version info from "About TeXworks", but
    it won't let me highlight and cut the text.)